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The Neverending Journey

The Universe has been reminding me of a few things the last few weeks:

1)Listen to the whispers, the intuition, the “knowing”. If you don’t, there will be a voice, then maybe a shout, and then finally, a brick to the head. Message received, thank you! (my mother always said I had a hard head, but I’m pretty sure she meant it figuratively).

2) You can’t control everything, and hyper- controlling what you can when the stuff out of your control is in chaos isn’t the best interest of your health, wellness and balance.

3) This work is never over. There is always room for growth and learning and self care. I’ve been practicing what i preach quite a bit these last few weeks, utilizing some of the techniques like EFT that have been so helpful to me in my journey.

4)Whatever your truth is, own it. Live it without shame or explanation. When you’re authentic, not hiding behind a mask of judgement and criticism of yourself and others,the whole world opens up.


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