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Packing Light - The Total Transformation Hybrid Program

The diet industry is worth over 70 BILLION dollars and has a lower than 5%  long-term success rate...


FORGET all of the old diet and exercise plans, and make peace with food and your body - FOREVER!

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What you don't need is another weight- loss strategy!


Of course, we all know intellectually  that restrictive dieting can and does cause weight loss. Occasionally,  dieters even reach their "goal weight". But then what? There isn't a single weight- loss plan that teaches you how to live in the real world, with real food and real problems. None of them teach you how  to be self- aware, self- compassionate and able to roll with the endless challenges life throws at you.


Packing Light Total Transformation gives you the power to jump off the binge/starve/binge Misery- Go- Round. You will do the deep work to make peace with  food and your body.  You will free  yourself from the  beliefs, habits and practices that have kept you stuck in feelings of guilt and shame- or even hating yourself or your body. You will be empowered with an array of tools and strategies to move through your life with increased:

  • Resilience to triggers

  • Self-confidence

  • Self- trust

  • Gratitude

  • Self- compassion

  • Health

  • Adaptability

  • Lifelong Support from a community of women just like you

Real transformation is a process that comes from within, not an event that happens from a borrowed strategy or on a predictable schedule. As anyone who has struggled with weight loss knows, even when you're doing everything "right" according to the "diet of the month", weight loss isn't predictable. Be patient with yourself as you move through the program. Ups and downs are to be expected as you learn to listen to and trust your own body and choices. The investment you make in yourself now will pay off for the rest of your life.

You will join a small cohort of women just like you as you support each other on your intertwined but unique paths to food and body freedom. Over the next year, you will self- graduate through 4 Phases of this unique program:


Phase 1: Meet Yourself Where You Are

You will:

  • Make peace with where you are and where you've been

  • Develop honest, compassionate awareness of destructive thoughts and behaviors

  • Create new Daily Practices to align your habits with your goals

  • Celebrate imperfect action over inertia

  • Build a network of support

  • Replace "goal weights" with happy places

Phase 2: Unload Your Excess Baggage

You will:

  • END emotional eating

  • STOP hating your body

  • Eliminate the stories and beliefs holding you back

  • Conquer the "Toxic Trio": Guilt, Shame and Resentment

  • Forgive, Forget (or not!) and Boundary Set

  • Break up with the "Mean Girls" (even if you're 1 of them!)

Phase 3: What's in Your Carry-on?

You will:

  • Unload your triggers

  • Claim responsibility for your future

  • Take meaningful action towards your goals

  • Reignite forgotten passions

  • Discover new ones

  • Listen to your body

Phase 4: The Trip of Your Life

You will:


  • Intuitively eat what makes you feel your best(and treats with ZERO GUILT!)

  • Adapt and pivot easily when faced with adversity

  • Challenge yourself

  • Trust yourself

  • Make the best of the rest of your life

Groundbreaking Inside- Out/Outside- In  techniques are used simultaneously throughout all 4 phases to maximize your success and minimize stress. You'll get:

  • Daily Morning Meditation

  • Weekly Group sessions (Live on Zoom)

  • Pop- Up  Chat sessions

  • 1:1 session with Jen every other week

  • Printable Workbook of exercises, strategies and activities

  • 24/7 Community Support

  • Invitations to exclusive offers, masterclasses and giveaways

  • Lifetime membership in Packing Light Support Community

  • Lifetime Access to ALL course materials

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