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So, I changed

Thumbing through the pages of a recent issue of Bon Appetit, I was dismayed to see an ad for a new weight loss drug. I carefully read both full pages of the hype and the warnings. Oh, the warnings. The most sickening of which is that in its laundry list of harmful side effects, this drug causes thyroid cancer. The control group lost a bit over 7 pounds, while the drugged group lost 17. Is 10 extra pounds really worth CANCER??? For the population that is most likely to use the drug, 10 pounds doesn’t make that much of a difference. But still, people are so desperate, they’ll try it.

It makes me sad. REALLY sad. Every day, I pass multiple billboards for various weight loss surgeons, and the new trick up their sleeve, the swallowable balloon.

They make me want to cry.

I was that desperate for a big chunk of my adult life. Hoping, wishing, praying for ANYTHING that could “magically” help me lose weight.

Thank God I never had the guts to go through with any of it, other than a few things I ordered from infomercials (none of which worked, by the way).

Like other weight loss diets and programs, they all have the same common denominator- they don’t address mental, emotional and spiritual needs and relationships- with ourselves, with food, with others and with the world at large. Weight isn’t the problem, its the SYMPTOM of the problem.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve adopted a more Wholistic view of life, including self- care physically, medically, emotionally and spiritually. Maintaining balance while taking action towards what I want to do, be and have more of in my life are my internal source of motivation, and the work is never done.

Any technique is only effective if practiced with conscious, consistent effort. Just like having a healthy, balanced Physical life- your body and all of the tangible things, like being in control of your finances and having a reasonably orderly home and car- Mental, Emotional and Spiritual balance and wellness don't just happen for most of us. They also require conscious and consistent effort, but are the most neglected parts of self- care.

The funny thing is, when you practice self- care in the other realms, the Physical piece of the puzzle falls into place almost effortlessly. When self acceptance, respect and love becomes the new normal, sustainable and stable, healthy weight becomes the result.

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