Isn't it time to get off the dieting Misery- Go- Round?

It's never too late to love yourself

Do you tend to jump from diet to diet, only to give up because they're too restrictive or you hit a plateau?

Do you tend to regain whatever weight you've lost, plus some?

Do you tend to think of different foods  as "good" or "bad"?

Do you tend to feel guilt or shame about eating certain foods or your body shape or size?

Do you tend to use food to soothe or avoid difficult emotions?

I DID TOO. But now, I know the way out.

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A 12 week journey to healing your relationship

with food and your body

Isn't it time to love your life?

Do you wish you could achieve and maintain stable healthy weight - all the time?

Do you wish you could enjoy food without  guilt or shame?

Do you wish you could live the rest of your life without starving yourself or bingeing ever again?

Do you wish you could love, accept or at least feel neutral about your body, no matter what your weight is?

Do you wish  for more in your life? More happiness, abundance, success--- more YOU???

My programs aren't for everyone. If losing weight  is your only goal, this isn't the program for you.  But if you want peace, and  you are ready to show up for yourself in new ways, it starts with a free 45 minute coaching call.

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It's never too late to love yourself

even YOU

Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching includes a wide variety of techniques and modalities to help you create your best life. Release the limiting beliefs and habits that have kept you from achieving the life you want. You CAN find Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual balance, and embrace all of the peace, joy, security, success and health you deserve.

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Depending on the level of coaching you need, sessions will be in- person or by Skype. Some of my clients are best assisted with weekly or semi- weekly basic coaching sessions, while others choose a more comprehensive approach, including fitness mentoring and meal planning and prep. Whatever your  goals and  dreams are, I will help you discover the path to achieve them.

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The  12 week Total Transformation program, designed for small groups, is the perfect, budget- friendly option for  friends or co- workers to give and receive support  and accountability along their journeys to balance and wellness.

Seminars and workshops focus on a single topic or activity, like Forgiveness, Releasing Fear, or making a Vision Board for the life you want to create.

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Tailored  to meet the needs of businesses, schools and community groups, I provide consulting services, coaching and motivational speaking to a diverse population with a variety of themes that resonate with the participants.

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